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Benefits of Dry Brushing

Benefits of Dry Brushing

This time of year, we tend to remind ourselves that it is important to take care of our bodies by exercising and eating right, etc. Lately it seems that we are seeing many blog posts, articles, and ads popping up in our social media feeds encouraging us to dry brush our skin. Have you heard of this?

Dry brushing is one of those "things" that several years ago we incorporated into our daily routine, got used to doing it, and now look back and realize, we are so glad we did! Overall, we noticed that we feel better physically and emotionally. Our bodies love the benefits, and our minds love the self-care.

To start, all you need is a dry brush and five to ten minutes. We prefer a brush with a long handle so it is easy to reach all the parts of the body. Also, look for one with bristles made from natural materials that are firm but not too firm. Synthetic materials tend to be too sharp and can damage the skin. 

How to Dry Brush

Starting at your feet, use long, gentle strokes moving toward your heart. Use circular strokes for the chest and stomach. Brush each area several times overlapping to ensure you do not miss a spot (avoid inflamed skin, sores, etc.) Use enough pressure so it is firm but not painful. Your skin should be slightly pink after brushing. If it is red or irritated, then you brushed too hard. It's best to shower after you’ve brushed. 

Benefits of Dry Brushing

01 | Elimination of Toxins

Dry brushing will help stimulate the lymphatic system (lymph flow), thereby helping it release toxins. The lymphatic system collects toxins from body tissues and transports them to the blood for removal. What we find fascinating is that the skin, as compared to other organs, receives a third of the blood that is circulated in the body and dry brushing improves blood circulation to the skin, which contributes to the elimination of toxins. 

02 | Softer, Healthier Skin

Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation has many benefits such as removing dead skin cells, removing oil and dirt from pores, and encouraging new cell growth. Putting all of this together results in smoother and brighter skin. On a personal note, we noticed softer skin within a few weeks.

03 | Cellulite

This one can be a bit controversial and is not exactly scientifically proven but from our experience, it works! It is said that dry brushing helps soften fat deposits and can even redistribute these deposits more evenly or remove them altogether. All we can say is that from our experience, the visual proof is there.

04 | Feel Better

Brushing your skin feels invigorating. It is often compared to a massage. We actually noticed an energy boost after brushing. One theory for the energy boost is due to increased circulation. Making it part of the day adds a great benefit to any self-care routine.