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Nordic Beauty Silt: Benefits for Your Skin

Nordic Beauty Silt: Benefits for Your Skin

At Z Natural Life, we spend a lot of time finding ingredients that make our products great and effective. One such ingredient is Pelavie® Black Silt. As you can imagine, silt is not the most attractive term but the benefits are worth it.

Pelavie® Black Silt is a fresh water sediment that it is rich in humic acids and other bioactive compounds. This sediment has existed for over a thousand years and it is harvested at deep levels that are isolated from our modern-day pollution within fresh water lakes in Finland and Northern Europe.

We love Pelavie® Black Silt because it spreads easily and leaves a fresh after-feel to your skin. Its organic and mineral components provide nourishment and treatment to the skin. Regular use helps promote cell oxygenation which imparts freshness, firmness and uniformity to the skin. Pelavie® Black silt is particularly designed and recommended for facial masks and that is why it is in our Energizing Facial Mask (also available on Amazon here).

Benefits to your skin:

  • Detoxes & purifies
  • Enhances cell renewal
  • Improves capillary circulation
  • Delivers nutrients

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