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Hydrating Overnight Mask


Hydrate while you sleep.

What It Is: A no-mess lightweight mask. Wake up to hydrated, radiant skin (and a clean pillow, too). Can be used nightly as the final step of your skin care regimen. Can also be used as a traditional mask for instant benefits.

Perfect for all skin types.

Size: 1.75 fl oz / 51 ml

Want to know why Olive Squalane is in this mask? Click Here

  • • Hydrates deeply

    • Intensely conditions skin

    • Creates oil water balance

    • Infuses nutrients into skin

    • Mixed and ready to use

"I love this mask because I don’t have to apply a thick messy mask and take 30 mins out of my day to wait for it to dry then worry about the clean up. I just apply a thin layer, go to bed, wash off in the morning and that’s it!! By morning my skin feels soft, supple, and completely renewed." Lacey T. @laceytorrealba

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Jen R.

Great for Sensitive Skin!

I typically use this as the last step in my nightly skincare routine and love it so much! My skin is quite sensitive and tends to get red often, but to my surprise, this actually helps to calm it; therefore it leaves my skin looking and feeling youthful! I'll usually apply a really thin layer or use it as a spot treatment on areas of my face that get irritated often, then leave it on overnight to maximize the benefits. When I wake in the morning, I notice how soft and supple my skin is thanks to this product. I can't say enough about how great this is for my sensitive skin! It contains ingredients that are organic, clean and safe to use, which is why I would recommend this to others.


Surprise in a Bottle

Originally bought as a night mask to hydrate my skin, but it comes with a surprise, it gets rid of redness and actually evened out my skin tone and I have melasma on my face from being in the sun too much when I was younger. I gave my extra bottle to my kids to use on their skin as well. My son broke out badly recently, but this helped to clear up his face. He uses it nightly. Another winner from Z natural life!!

Lacey Torrealba
Portland, OR

Amazing product!

LOVE this mask! It makes my night time skin routine so simple and I wake up with my skin feeling soft, supple, and refreshed!!

Jason Winningham
Dallas, TX

Works Wonderfully

This product goes on clear and it's so smooth that you might even forget that you have it on. But the best part is when you go to wash it off. My face has been feeling about as smooth as baby skin the last couple weeks! I'm loving it!


Super Hydrating

I have been searching for a good overnight mask and I definitely found one! This mask is so easy to use and I wake up with my skin looking and feeling more refreshed. Recommend this product to anyone (especially with sensitive skin!)